Are you eight or eighty, are you fun loving and enjoy a good social event or are you a serious competitor?

Which ever option, Spalding Indoor Bowls Club is the place for you.

Club competition winners 2016-17

Ladies singles C Tomlin; Mens singles M Spencer; Ladies pairs C Tomlin & R Hill; Ladies drawn pairs P Gemmill & V Elms; Mens pairs J Philpott & G Smith; Ladies triples D Wild, R Hill & G Haney; Mens triples S Dunham, K Ekins & M Spencer; Ladies fours D Wild, R Hill, B Hurst & G Haney; Mens fours K Ekins, A Wild, B Wilson & J Philpott; Mixed pairs R Hill & M Whyers; Mixed fours V Elms, M Wheatley, A Dunham & M Elding; League Cup White Tigers; Rabbits singles J Sinclair; Under 25 singles C Tomlin; Over 60s singles J Needham; 101 singles G Smith; 101 pairs A Caress & J Philpott; Parent and child S & R Hill; Vets pairs J Haney & M Elding; Mr and Mrs pairs S & A Richardson.

Juniors results TBC

Club competition winners 2015/16

Winners: Ladies singles: Rebecca Simpson; Mens singles Graham Smith; Ladies pairs Ruby Hill & Chelsea Tomlin; Ladies drawn pairs Danielle Wild & Maisie Belding; Mens pairs Martin Spencer & Ash Caress; Ladies triples Val Bowker, Betty Deaton & Margaret Dark; Mens triples John Laud, Paul Cherry & Andy Dunham; Ladies fours Val Bowker, Barbara Hurst, Margaret Dark & Gloria Haney; Mens fours Paul Cherry, Andy Dunham, Scott Dunham & Martin Spencer; Mixed pairs Ruby Hill & Matt Whyers; Mixed fours Pat Crampton, Marilyn Morris, David Inglis & Fred Morris; Rabbits singles John Spencer; Under 25 singles Chelsea Tomlin; Over 60s singles John Needham; 101 singles Jordan Philpott; 101 pairs Graham Smith & Martin Spencer; Parent & Child Martin & Paul Simpson; Veteran pairs John & Gloria Haney; Mr & Mrs Pairs Scott & Annie Dunham; Quintet Derek Hammond, Jonathan Smith, Len Jackson, Morgan Sillet & Jordan Philpott; Jack High Ayscoughfee; League Cup Bowling Stones

Junior singles Ruby Hill; Junior pairs Harry Mycock & Ruby Hill; Junior triples Aaron Barnes, Johnathan Field & Nicole Moseley; Junior fours Morgan Sillett, Nicole Moseley, Harry Mycock & Jordan Philpott

Club finals 2014/15

Ladies singles: P Crampton bt G Haney; pairs P Crampton & B Hurst bt R Hill & C Tomlin; drawn pairs D Wild & G Haney bt B Windsor & J Inglis; triples V Bowker, M Dark & G Haney bt I Blackman, J Jackson & B Deaton; fours V Bowker, B Hurst, M Dark & G Haney bt C Williamson, J Sinclair, J Horner & Maisie Belding

Men’s singles: M Spencer bt G Smith; pairs M Spencer & A Caress bt P Cherry & J Philpott; P Cherry, A Dunham & M Elding bt D Caress, J Philpott & A Caress; fours P Cherry, A Dunham, S Dunham M Spencer bt J Philpott, D Caress, P Simpson &  A Caress;

Mixed pairs C Tomlin & M Spencer bt K & I Reay; mixed fours V Bowker, C Williamson, P Bowker & S Lilley bt J Sinclair, A Belding, A Pitts & M Belding; Mr and Mrs S & A Dunham bt A & M Belding; 101 singles G Smith bt S Dunham; 101 pairs M Spencer & G Smith bt G Wright & M Elding; Parent & Child M & P Simpson bt R & S Hill; Veteran pairs D Coleman & M Dolton bt J Laud & M Elding; Knockout cup Strollers bt Pebbles; Over 60s singles M Dolton bt M Elding; Rabbits cup I Reay bt J Sinclair;

Under 18 singles J Philpott bt Ruby Hill; Under 25 singles J Philpott bt A Caress; Jnr pairs J Field & J Philpott bt D Wild & Ruby Hill; Jnr triples D Wild, A Wild & Ruby Hill bt J Field, H Mycock & Rhys Hill; Jnr fours M Sillet, A Wild, D Wild & H Ford bt J Goodliffe, N Putterell, H Mycock & Rhys Hill 

Club Finals 2013/14

Mens singles: G Smith bt S Lilley

Mens pairs: R Huskisson & G Smith bt M and P Simpson

Mens triples: B Davis, G Wright & J Needham bt D Staples, R Hill & A Dawson

Mens fours: R Huskisson, M Dolton, M Simpson & S Lilley bt D Staples, J Dawson, K Ekins & A Dawson

Mixed pairs: M Dark & J Needham bt C & J Taylor

Mixed fours: P Crampton, C Williamson, P Bowker & S Lilley bt R & S Hill, P Allen & A Bellamy

Ladies singles: R Simpson bt M Dark

Ladies pairs: R Simpson & A Bellamy bt G Haney & S Wade

Ladies triples: P Crampton, B Hurst & G Needham bt J Jackson, B Deaton & S Wade

Ladies fours: I Blackman, J Jackson, B Deaton & S Wade bt J Collins, A Horrigan, M Wheatley & A Cooper

Drawn pairs: P Newby & M Wheatley bt A Horrigan & G Haydon

Rabbits singles: P Cherry bt T Evans

Under 25 singles: Rhys Hill bt L Cooke

Under 18 singles: J Philpott bt A Barnes

Under 18 pairs: J Field & J Philpott bt A Wild & Ruby Hill

Under 18 triples: E Day, N Puttrill & J Philpott bt A Wild, W Van Der Weyden & A Barnes

Under 18 fours: N Puttrill, A Wild, W Van Der Weyden & Ruby Hill bt D Wild, G Leversley, E Day & J Philpott

Over 60s singles: J Needham bt M Elding

101 singles: G Smith bt J Needham

101 pairs: P Simpson & J Philpott bt M Elding & G Wright

Parent & Child: P Allen & R Simpson bt J & A Dawson

Vets pairs: B Davis & J Needham bt J Laud & M Elding

Mr & Mrs pairs: R & P Simpson bt J & G Patterson

Quintet: D Amess, M Belding, D Walker, R Briars & L Jackson bt Rhys Hill, J Patterson, R Perkins, S Sillett & T Bell

Jack High: Carter’s Park bt Royal Mail Cart


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